Plastic Injection Molding (24 years experience):


LXL has been specialized in plastic injection molding profession for over 24 years. During the past 24 years, LXL gains extensive experience in manufacuturing plastic parts. So far LXL is capable of making 300K+ piece of plastic parts in one shift monthly. Our rich experience provides you high quality services including part design advice, material selecting, budget&time saving.



Reasons for choosing LXL:


● High quality plastic injection molds & plastic parts.

● High productivity with reliable on-time deliveries.

● Fast quotes and free customer service.

● Truly understanding to customer’s needs.

● OEM/ODM services.



Q1. How can I check the quality of the products?

A: We will send you samples for existing parts within 2 days and for custom items within 7 days after the new mold is ready.

Q2. How long can I expect to get the sample and mass production?

A: For the existing mold, the sample will be ready within days and the mass production will be ready around 2 weeks. However, it will take 25-30 days to build a new mold, and will take around 7 days to get the sample.

Q3. How can I place an order?

A: For the ready to ship item,please just start order and place the order. For custom item,please contact us first.

Q4. Why does injection mold has relatively higher price?

A: Injection mold is an indispensable tool for producing plastic products. It affects the complete structure and precise size of plastic products.A good mold helps increase the efficiency of the production ans the quality of the products.The process of making a mold is complicated and it takes quite a long time, usually from 25-75 days according to individual products which means the labor cost is also significant. Most importantly,the material for mold is another key factor that causes the price to be high. Injection mold requires high standard steel that can remain good condition while dealing with high temperature and high pressure constantly. A good mold can last longer too,usually a few years.

Q5. Do you have assembly service?

A: Yes, we provide one stop service, including drawing,prototyping,mold making,sampling, mass production, inspection, packaging and shipping.


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